Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super WHY!

A super kid we know really likes the show Super WHY!. I had bookmarked this tutorial for making a superhero cape a long time ago (I love the velcro closure instead of the typical string tie, and that it actually has some shape to it instead of being like a towel), and since Benjamin is about to be a super big brother very soon, I decided to make him a special surprise.

As soon as it was on, he was up and running, leaving Joseph in the dust.

Joseph, who had no interest in the cape at all when trying it on for fit, wondered where his was. Well, he doesn't watch Super WHY! or know much about superheroes other than Spiderman and "The Green Guy" (Hulk) - neither of which wear a cape - so I figure I'll make him an LSU Fighting Tigers cape when we get back from vacation.

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