Friday, October 14, 2011


After a great time in Galveston we went back to Houston for a night before heading out to San Antonio. We'd been dying to get Joseph to SeaWorld since he loves our local aquariums, especially the one in Baltimore with the dolphin show.

We got there right as it opened and were disappointed to learn that Shamu didn't perform for many more hours, but were then thrilled to almost immediately stumble upon dolphin feeding time. They swim around in a giant pool and come right up to you looking for fish!

And then we went right over to a pool where we pet baby sting rays! Totally hands on - just amazing!

We also saw lots of fish and sharks in the big indoor tanks, watched some seals and sea lions play, and spent some time in the Sesame Street "Bay of Play," where we stumbled upon an old friend.

The big show with Shamu and friends did not disappoint. So cool to see those giant whales jumping and splashing.

And I do mean splashing. Those people got soaked!!

There might have been a few low points when a certain toddler got hot or tired or hungry,

but overall SeaWorld was an amazing experience and I'm so happy Brent came up with this idea and planned it all out so Joseph now has these wonderful memories. The experience of feeding the dolphins alone was soooo worth the trip. Check it out:

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