Monday, October 17, 2011

Race for a Cause

Along with a few thousand other people, I participated in the Acumen Solutions "Race for a Cause" 8K yesterday. Upon registration you indicate which non-profit organization out of 10 you'd like your registration fees to benefit. Naturally I chose MCCP - the Medical Care for Children Partnership Foundation, which provides medical and dental services to underserved children in Fairfax County. I may have been influenced by my partner, who sits on the board of directors of this wonderful organization.

Also I've really just wanted to see how I perform in an actual race rather than just running for exercise. I know I can run. I even know I can run an 8K pretty well. But I had no idea how I'd do when I was being timed and compared to other runners. A LOT of other runners.

So I tied on my very first "chip" which electronically tracked me and recorded my results.

On my own I'd probably run 8K in 40 minutes, averaging an 8 minute mile. But my finish time was 37:28.6! I averaged 7:33 minute miles. Not too shabby for my first time out. I finished 78 out of the 300 men than ran, 9th "in my age group" (ouch, that hurts). If you include the 18 women out of 382 that bested my time, I overall placed 96 out of 682 runners. No prizes, but:


Jocie Z ROCK said...

you are too good and you ran with a camera??? awesome!

Pink Diary said...

I ran in Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Australia, but couldn't finish it.

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

yes, i ran with a camera! silly, i know, but it was just a little point and shoot

The Houston's said...

You did awesome!!

Mallory said...

Yay Carl!!! So excited for you. Have you signed up for the December run yet?