Thursday, October 6, 2011


While home recently for Dad's birthday dinner, Uncle Peter and Debi were so thoughtful and generous in bringing gifts for Joseph. He seemed disinterested at the time with everything going on around him, but they have since been a huge hit. Every boy loves fire engines, and Joseph is now the proud owner of his very own fire station play set (and several awesome fire fighter themed books too)!

The building is on a lazy susan so there's 360 degrees of fun to be had. There's a pole to slide down to the garage, plus a helipad, kitchen, sleeping quarters, and my favorite,

a bathroom, complete with a urinal, hand dryer, and toilet bowl!

Many thanks to Peter and Debi from Fireman Joe!!

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Catherine said...

Hey there! I came across your site while blog surfing - hope you don't mind if I comment & follow. * The bathroom detail of the fire house is too funny! A urinal? Really? Love it! :)