Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sprint FOUR the Cure

I've declared myself a runner for some time now. The thing is, running is generally such a solitary sport. I've often thought about running a 5 or 10K just to see what it's all about. My friend Mallory, who is new to running, needed some inspiration and a goal to motivate her, so she did some research and found some runs for us to sign up for - the 1st one being the annual "Sprint FOUR the Cure," sponsored by the Four Seasons hotel, benefitting the Washington Hospital Center Cancer Institute. It's a 5K run/walk along the beautiful C & O canal in Georgetown to raise money for cancer research. Yesterday was the big day!

It was a really fun event, and think I get it now. It's about having fun and doing something as a collective for a good cause. While there are prizes, it's not competitive at all. In fact, I never tried to run my best time. I ran the 1st mile along with Mallory, then went ahead at my own pace. Then oops! I had put my headphones on and not heard the person telling me I had reached the turnaround point, so I just kept going. I realized after a while that there wasn't another soul running anywhere near me, so I finally turned back. I probably ran an extra mile, but the good thing was that I caught back up with Mallory and I ran the last mile to the finish line with her. She did an awesome job, completing a full 5K for the 1st time in her best time ever!

I had just purchased a new pair of running shoes 2 days before and wore them for the 1st time that morning. When I got back home, the 1st thing Joseph said to me was "Wow, those are really cool shoes!" You think?

Well, now I'll be wearing them for an 8K next month and a 10K in December!

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Mallory said...

Thanks Carl! I had a great time as well. Looking forward to the next one,,,