Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Same, But Different

I've never had to make quilts for twins before. Hmmmm. Matchy-matchy? Completely different? Coordinating? Yes, coordinating! Similar, but not exactly alike. Twin boys with a blue & green nursery, each with an assigned color.

Yes, I stared at those quilts long enough before assembling them and decided one definitely read more green, the other more blue. Definitely. Maybe? It's intended to be subtle. But to emphasize the difference the 2 are quilted with different color thread and have different color binding and backing.

Then there's really no question whose is whose when you flip them over. Green for Declan (the older by a minute), blue for Jacob. The back of each is essentially an elongated version of the basic quilt block from the front (using a great tutorial from "Film in the Fridge"), a rectangle & 2 squares with white sashing, which is rotated in different directions for interest.

And off they were shipped to New Orleans, hopefully arriving today.

I didn't quite realize until now it's been a full 3 months since they've been born! But they came 2 months early and I had other projects going (yes, blame Jackie and vacation), plus 2 quilts takes twice as long. Hopefully the Rivers family will forgive me. Welcome Declan and Jacob!


Hollie Reese said...

Wow very impressed. You have come a long way since Riley's quilt 6 years ago!

AKA Jane Random said...

Amazing as usual.

Susanne said...

those are beautiful! love the names on the back.

Amy said...

Beautiful! I love the colors! I found your blog through another twin mom I know

liz said...

I just found your blog, can't wait to explore!

Anonymous said...

Amazing (would have taken me til their 21st birthday!!).