Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School

How far behind the times am I? School started 2 full weeks ago! Guess we were more excited for his first 1st day of school last year.

Still, it was important enough for us to both take the day off to walk him there. This year Joe Joe is a Leopard. A good number of his friends are back from the Bears class, as is 1 of his wonderful teachers from last year, Miss Kasia. They move to the BIG classroom in the back. More space and more toys!

So funny: all of the boys ran to each other and gave big hugs and immediately started playing house - making breakfast, ironing, changing the baby, washing dishes......while the girls were all tossing a ball around. No gender stereotypes for these preschoolers!

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Jocelyn Zarr '86 said...

love love love these pics!!!