Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winding Down

School has already started for most of the kids around here, but until we hit Labor Day it still feels like there are a few last fleeting days of summer to savor. We were thrilled today to get 1 more invitation to Jocelyn and Zara's pool before it inevitably shuts down (or we outwear our welcome, whichever comes 1st). Throw in an impromptu story time too? Awesome.

We haven't spent as much time in the water as I had hoped this summer, but Joseph has decided that he can really swim. Here's a video clip from about a month ago. It's technically more of a hurling of his body under the water and wriggling around until he needs to come up for air. He'll do it over and over until it's time to go home. Maybe we'll manage some private lessons this Fall to work on his technique.

He's even more into it now that he has goggles.

Thanks again, Jocelyn!

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