Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacation Days

We are who we are, no matter where we may be, so it's understood that Joseph would wake up just past sunrise every morning (6:30 on average). With Joseph still in his jammies and a baseball cap for me, we'd stroll down to Buzzed and Wired for coffee and stop at the beach to bask in the tranquility. Not much else you can do that early before the caffeine kicks in.

We'd then head home and while he'd play quietly with the trains and cars that always travel with us, I'd bake muffins or make french toast for the house for breakfast. By the time I'd finish one of the other kids (and sometimes Brent) would be up.

As much as I railed on the kids for constantly having the TV on, I do love seeing Joseph snuggled up on the couch with Adam watching morning cartoons. Soon after I'd be able to escape for my morning run on the beach trails. As for the rest of the day, once everyone was up and moving......there was always some beach time as my previous posts covered.

In the afternoon I'd try to whip up a treat and get the kids involved. We made ice cream several times, and I'm glad to report the kids said it was the best they've ever had! One day we just made basic vanilla and let the kids buy whatever kind of mix ins they each wanted. (See, I can be pretty sweet even though my t-shirt says (extra) bitter)

Thanks, Uncle Lance, for the whipped cream shooters! Another day we made cake pops and the kids got to decorate their own. Soooo, anyone think Emma is excited?

With our house in the center of town there was always a casual stroll down Commercial Street to pop in the art galleries or do some shopping. Doesn't Brent look great with a brood? Very Brad Pitt. But alas, just one is ours.

On the last day after our boat trip Joe Joe was so exhausted that we had to stop in the middle of town. He passed out right there on a bench with the whole world walking by. We heard lots of "awwww, how cute."

Evenings brought nice dinners and visits with good friends, as well as the occasional night out with fun drinks and no kids.

It's especially festive when the cocktails match your clothes!

And finally, sunset, with dreams of another great day when the sun rises again. Repeat, x 7.


The Houston's said...

I've loved all your vacation posts and pictures!!! You are an awesome blogger!!!

Jocie Z ROCK said...

these are fabulous.. hmm where to start.. Brent with joseph sleeping in him, you in the boat with Jojo!! all too great!

Anonymous said...

Fun vacation...two beautiful families...hugs MiMi

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

Thanks, Heidi!! You're one of the people that convinced me to blog, and I really do love it!

MrZakPK said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the days :)

Anonymous said...

We were just in P-Town a few weeks ago and ate at he Lobster Pot! My FIL has a house in Welfleet. You take beautiful pictures! What a cute family!!