Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sweet Success!

Apparently, upon meeting the newish boyfriend of a close friend, after learning he enjoyed making ice cream, I suggested we get together sometime for an ice cream tasting party and put our mutual skills to the test. Another friend eagerly volunteered to be an impartial judge. And so, 2 flavors of our own choosing each, a bunch of spoons, and Mallory with a task few people would refuse.

Meredith and Matt impressed with Guinness Chocolate ice cream and "Lime Scream" and were awarded the "Triple Crown." I offered Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and Oreo Mint ice creams, both from the Ben & Jerry's ice cream cookbook. My Oreo Mint was awarded "Best in Show!" Sweet!

But the best news? We ALL got to taste ALL of the varieties, and they were ALL delicious!

We're thinking this may have to become a regular event.

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