Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Race Point

Race Point Beach covers the northernmost tip of Cape Cod. It's really just a few miles from Herring Cove Beach (there's a great running/bike trail between them!), but it's a completely different environment. There's more of a current and bigger waves since it's on the Atlantic Ocean, whereas Herring Cove is quite serene being on Cape Cod Bay.

We stopped at the Province Lands Visitor Center and took in the views spanning the distance from the center of Ptown to the deep blue ocean. I never get tired of the weathered facade of the Old Harbor Life Saving Museum.

All kinds of boats were sailing by but Joseph was too busy playing in the sand to notice.

The kids were not allowed to play with their rafts or blow-up shark (a fun birthday present from the Martinez-Erwin gang), so they found other ways to have fun. I'm pretty sure it's the 1st time Joe Joe ever got buried in sand!


Karen said...

ohmygosh. TOO CUTE!

Josina said...

Adorable! Joseph looks like he had fun!