Sunday, August 7, 2011


Finally, the start to some vacation photos!

Road trip. Renting a house. Gone for more than a week.....Bring everything! Toys, books, beach tent, air mattress, pillows, even an ice cream maker! We couldn't wait to escape the heat wave that was hitting our region 2 weeks ago. Hard to see in the picture, but the temp on the dashboard read 108 F!

11 hours (over 2 days) later, our destination: Provincetown, MA, at the very tip of Cape Cod, with its iconic monument in the center of town (visible from our backyard).

We stayed again in this charming yellow house with the blue doors and a big back yard right off Commercial Street.

The house was quite literally steps from the harbor and bay side beaches. Kick off the flip flops, let the kids have a blast, and walk home whenever you felt like it.

SO much good food,

SO much good cheer,

SUCH a beautiful setting,

and a week with my best friend in the world.

Details to follow!


Ashley Ketterling- Miller said...

Have you ever done photography professionally ?

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

No, but what a compliment! I took one group lesson from a pro who helped a lot with composition. I just stopped using the "automatic" setting and played around with the others - that's the beauty of digital cameras, you can just delete all the bad ones!