Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long Point

Our last day in Provincetown was our most ambitious and exciting, and for me, my absolute favorite. Instead of just another day at the beach our friends came up with the wonderful idea of renting a boat and spending the day out on the water. We were down at the docks pretty early for a group of 10 with 5 kids, and the bay was so serene.

Joseph looks ready for an adventure!

Who knew Rodney could drive a boat?! He was an awesome Captain! With Emma's help on the map we plotted our course for that little speck in the distance which is Long Point Lighthouse. Last time Brent, Rodney and I actually kayaked from the mainland to Long Point and back. This was much easier.

Joe Joe preferred to sit in the back with Papa while Emma, Adam, Jesse and Wyatt all took turns at the helm.

Long Point Light, as one guidebook explains, is every Ptown sailor's beacon home at night. Long Point itself is the absolute limit of Provincetown, the actual edge of the continent! Cool, very cool.

That being said, Long Point is also just a really sweet spot to take some family pictures.

We dropped anchor and spent a while letting the kids have fun exploring and searching for treasures. We found a giant horseshoe crab shell and a lobster (that looked suspiciously like Uncle Rodney) stuck in a trap.

We set sail again and later circled the boat around to the point where the West End Breakwater meets the shoreline. The Breakwater is an enormous stone jetty extending from Long Point to the end of Commercial Street in the West End of Ptown, the spot where apparently Pilgrims first landed. Well, that's what the plaque says. You can walk all the way across if you're feeling energetic. Again, the boat was much easier.

The calm, shallow waters at the base of the jetty were crystal clear, and the kids came prepared with buckets and nets to hunt for crabs and jellyfish. The crabs had the neatest camouflage shells. We also found tons of darlin' little hermit crabs. Don't worry, it was all "catch and release."

Now, "sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...."

Darn, should've opened with that one! Glad I brought my tripod to get that last picture. What a memorable morning!

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The Homesteader's Wife said...

I stumbled across your blog as I was googling images for the jetty in Provincetown. My parents used to take us to Cape Cod every summer when I was growing up and I watched the fireworks right there on that same jetty as a 7-year old on the Bicentennial, July 4, 1976. Just wanted to say, thanks for providing an updated photo--it took me right back to that special moment in time. You have a really neat blog and a very lovely family. You both sound like great parents.