Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dolphin Duo

Trying to cram as much excitement into the last few days of summer possible, we headed out to the National Aquarium in Baltimore today with my friend Nicola and her son Francis. Not that having an earthquake in DC registering at 5.8 yesterday afternoon doesn't count as excitement. It's just not the kind we're looking to repeat often, if ever! JT & Francis were fast friends and had a really fun time. We always make sure to catch the dolphin show.

My favorite part is always watching the dolphins underwater after the show is over. I could stay there for hours!

The boys were excited all day long about seeing sharks. In the end they weren't particularly exciting to watch just swimming around and around, but there was one fun little stingray that kept coming over to the glass again and again giving kisses to Joseph.

A visit to the aquarium is never complete until we find Nemo. He was hiding very well today.

The drive there and back was probably just as much fun for the kids. Movies and snacks and new toys from the gift shop - no complaints!

Thanks for a really fun day, Nicola and Francis! Summer is going out with a bang!

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