Thursday, August 4, 2011

Checkup Time Again!

I'm working on so many big projects right now and still need to sort through all of our vacation pictures, but we were able to squeeze in JT's 4 year old checkup today. Despite his protests (all week long) about having a checkup and shots, Joseph was ridiculously cooperative. He even aced both the vision and hearing tests.

Joseph measured in at 43 3/4 inches and 48 pounds. As always, way off the charts but perfectly proportionate. He grew 3 1/4 inches and gained 8 pounds in the past year! He's grown 1 1/4 inches since February's preop exam but only gained 1 pound since then. Funny how it all evens out over time.

Our big boy got 3 separate shots today and did not shed a single solitary tear. I'm so proud of him! He totally deserved that Tootsie Pop. We've only been holding onto it since Halloween!

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shahanara said...

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