Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Bestest

...and the lastest, by the way. With this I'll be done with all of our vacation pictures and will have to accept that it's really, truly over. It's not often that we get to spend time with our bestest friends since they live on the other coast, so I've been dragging this out to make it feel like they were still right here with us.

Hard to believe it's now been 20 years since Lance & I 1st met in medical school and instantly became best friends. Harder still to believe that we both found love right around the same time and have been with our partners for more than 15 years. And impossible to believe that we are lucky enough to have the amazing children that we have.

Brent & Rodney

Me & Lance

The bestest/my favoritest pictures that I took of each of their gorgeous kids:




And the bestest of my little sweetheart

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