Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Bee Yourself

Two months ago our dear friends Mallory and David welcomed their 2nd baby girl. And I dropped the ball getting her quilt ready in time. Excuses, excuses, but it finally got done and hand delivered in a uniquely wonderful way - we were all on vacation on Cape Cod at the same time so were able to meet up at their family's home.

Jacqueline's "icon" is a bumblebee and her nursery is decorated with yellow and black bedding and green paint. A challenge, I thought at first. But in the end, as always, L.O.V.E! I decided long ago that I wanted to do an entirely "flying geese" quilt, and I'm pretty much addicted to the scrappy look. It turned out to be a very modern and very graphic quilt. Very me, in fact. A significant departure from my usual style, but tastes evolve, I guess.

Just to compare the style of Jackie's older sister Cella's quilt, just 2 years ago. Very traditional, very "pastelly:"

My new standard, the pieced backing. It's just as much a part of the planning as the front.

Jackie seemed happy with her new snuggly (Once she finally woke up. The girl is a good sleeper!).

Welcome, Jackie!


Anonymous said...

Your quilts are absolutely beautiful! What a talent! And what a treasure for the reciever!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Love the flying geese quilt, front and back. And the picture with the baby is pretty cute too :)