Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Hotel Hershey

Can't say enough wonderful things about this place!! It's absolutely gorgeous. It's also right across the street from the amusement park and it has great restaurants and beautiful grounds where kids can run around and play hide-and-seek.

There's a falconry nearby so there was this random guy hanging out in the lobby with a giant eagle.

While Brent was at his conference we spent quite a bit of time at the awesome "zero-grade entry" kiddie pool and spray deck. Never could get him to try out these particular water slides. Too scary.

Lots of lounge chairs in which to relax. Or have a time out when you decide to just walk into the middle of the pool by yourself the second your dad turns his back after specifically telling not to walk into the pool because he's going to turn his back for a second to get something for you. I'm just saying, is all.

In all seriousness, how bad can a place be that leaves these little babies lying around for you wherever you go?

Maybe one day we'll get to go back and actually try the spa services!

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