Saturday, July 9, 2011

Golden Anniversary

My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!! What a testament to true love, family and commitment. They are an inspiration!

We drove up to New Jersey last weekend to take them out for a nice dinner and celebrate their marriage. We had big plans to all take a cruise to Alaska together but the plans just didn't work out for this year, so it's pushed back to next summer. At least we'll have a great reason to celebrate their 51st anniversary!

Mom got to choose the restaurant and make reservations. She picked a great Italian place and booked a table for 5.
PM, that is.
And she thought that was late.
Not quite.

It's been WAY too long since I've seen my niece and nephew. They're both teenagers now - yikes! But they're both awesome and are troopers for meeting us for breakfast at 8am. They were with their dad for the weekend and had lots of other plans since it was a holiday after all, so it means a lot to us that they would come out to see us so early.

Looking back at 50 wonderful years, and looking ahead to many, many more! Happy anniversary Mary and Al!


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary sir and madam! This blog is sooo filled with family love! Really like it.. I imagine must be quite a feat->happy/tiring/'insert all emotions here' for Joseph, being photographed almost on a weekly if not daily basis since birth! -.!'

Hope all's well for you and family.

=) Cheers.

Ashley Ketterling- Miller said...

I LOVE this blog!! Im now following this wonderful family. The love just burst out of each post.