Friday, July 22, 2011

The best presents!

Joseph's birthday party was on Saturday but we still we still had to celebrate on his actual birthday, which was Monday. We just so happened to have an entire untouched birthday cake left over from the party. Did I make too many cupcakes and cookies? Every year we bring out the special birthday plate that our good friends, the Chernack's, gave Joseph for his 1st birthday. One of the greatest gifts ever! Poor Buddy did not stand a chance. For days Joe Joe would say "I want to eat Buddy!" His little head was history quite quickly.

Joseph got so many great presents! Amazing how many different dinosaur themed presents there are out there, and not a single one was repeated! We went the simple route and did tons of dinosaur books.

Ethan insisted that Joseph open his present immediately after the party, and the few remaining kids were gaga over the marble run kit. Turns out it was the only non dino present, and the only gift that was repeated.

Grammy & Grandpa gave Joseph a whole Dinosaur Train set, and Uncle Glenn, Aunt Suthern, Leyton and Ashton contributed a bunch of other cars to the set. Mimi & Poppy gave him several Playmobil dinosaur sets (one with a cool exploding volcano!), and now our train table is like The Land of the Lost, almost entirely devoid of Thomas - temporarily, I'm sure.

When Joseph got to the next few gifts, everything had to stop and he had to play with them immediately: many Cars characters that we were in dire need of from Benjamin and our very own TrackMat from Jack & Will (we have coveted theirs forever). They even personalized our race course for us. We are now a walking advertisement for!

Leyton brought along one more gift for Joe Joe - his own pillow pet. Never thought he would be into it, but he just adores it and rests his head on it every night while drifting off to sleep.

What an amazing birthday! Thank you cards will be in the mail.....after our vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Joejoe had a great was so much fun to be part of all of the festivities....I'm sure the best time for JoeJoe was when everyone left and he could settle down and play with all of his new treasures...I love the picture with the pillow...soooooo sweet..Leyton was so proud of his gift the pand pillow...luv and hugs MiMi