Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 Johnson Street

We just returned from just about THE. BEST. VACATION. EVER, renting a house (at the above address) on Cape Cod with our best friends and their 4 children. We rented the very same house with them 7 years ago when their #4 was just a few months old. We took a group picture on the front porch on our last day together back then, so we decided to recreate the same picture now, 7 years later.

So much has changed - I had bangs! No, just kidding - this time we got to bring our baby boy. It was an absolutely wonderful trip and I have so much to share!


nesya said...

you are friend or family? how can you met each other?

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Anonymous said...

Are they same-sex parents family too? Or they just leave the wives behind? Just curious, coz they have 4 children! I imagine adopting one is hard enaf?

Carl, Brent, and Joseph said...

what you see is what you get - all daddies and papas!