Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Triangle Madness Teacher Quilts

Sad, but true: I started thinking about end-of-year preschool teacher gifts right after Christmas. May have had something to do with my New Year's resolution to complete 12 sewing projects in 2011. Maybe I'm just a planner. Either way, I thought quilts would be something unique and personal that the teachers might appreciate, and I came up with a plan to personalize them as well.

Earlier in the Fall I had made a mental note of a great quilting project from Liz at Goddess in Progress - "Triangle Madness!" A quilt top made entirely of "half-square triangle" units, a common and quite simple block, that can be arranged in many different patterns. The idea was to draw from our stashes and utilize many fabrics left over from previous projects, but I did have to buy some background fabric and a few extra coordinating fabrics to supplement what I had on hand.

The beauty is that a small simple stack of squares when sewn on the diagonal can turn this:

into THIS:

or THIS with just a little rotation of the blocks:

And then to truly utilize all the leftovers they get sewn together to become the back.

The long vertical strips up the back were actually the labels. My sewing machine came with an alphabet stitch so I put it to good use here. Each quilt had the teacher's name, class name, and year,

followed by a very long stretch with all fourteen of the kids' names,

and lastly a little credit for me.

Miss Kasia's favorite color is blue,

and Miss Pina's is purple.

Anyone who has ever received a quilt from me with blue or purple in it may recognize some of their fabric in there. I astonishingly had been holding on to 3 yards of dark purple fabric from Glenn & Suthern's wedding quilt 10 years ago! I finally used it!

Hopefully these quilts will be loved and used for a long time. If not, I have the perfect place for them when next Fall rolls around.

A big shout out to Miss Kasia and Miss Pina for being wonderful teachers for Joseph and the rest of the Bears class this year!!!


Sari Jane said...

Those quolts are beautiful! I wish I was Joseph's teacher! :)

Karen in Progress said...

Wow. Those are beautiful! What lucky teachers. I'm sure they will cherish those quilts forever. You are very talented.

Hollie Reese said...

Wow! Riley and Brooks still love the quilts you made them!!

missy said...

beautiful as always! and you know all the quilts you've made for us have been loved and used for years. they are masterpieces, one and all!! :)

LyndaMom said...

WOW! Lovely work. Wish I taught at your school. :)
-LyndaMom, midwife