Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preschool Picnic

With the school year winding down I stole a great idea from my friend Missy (preschool room mom extraordinaire) and suggested The Bears have an end-of-year picnic playdate for all the classmates' families to get together one last time.

Jocelyn (Zara's mom) and I, as self-appointed "room parents" (i.e. the only suckers who volunteered to take the job), hosted the gang here in our yard yesterday morning. 11 out of the 14 kids came, along with parents and a few adorable little sibs. There was constant action in every corner of the yard! The kids were enjoying the swings and slide, "pirate ship" deck, rock climbing wall, sand box, and bounce house.

You may notice the bright green cast on Ethan? First bounce house casualty (OOPS!). Lisa, Steve & Ethan were over for dinner 2 weekends ago and Ethan fell while playing alone while the rest of us were still eating on the deck. None of us saw what happened (hey, it was a really good dinner!) so we figured it was just bruised. But he wouldn't really use his arm for 2 days because, well, it was broken. You can see below that he was traumatized from the whole incident - NOT! Hasn't slowed him down a bit.

We provided a little lunch...not that you really need to see the pigs in blankets here, but you'll notice my kid couldn't keep his hand out of the chips for 2 seconds.

Afterwards we celebrated all the kids who had summer birthdays with brownie sundaes for everyone! It was pure coincidence that both of the room parents' kids have summer birthdays.....

This bounce house has gotten so much use since the weather finally warmed up. It's out every weekend. Major thanks again and again to Mimi & Poppy for the awesome Christmas gift. Aneesh's dad was flat out hysterical playing with the kids. He'd pretend to hide and then literally hurl himself over the side and try to grab the kids, who would squeal with delight and get so excited they nearly fell out the back.

Once everyone was gone and clean up was underway, Joe Joe and Zara had some time to themselves. Joseph is such a follower, picking up dirty ice off the ground and eating it just because his friend was. That girl is trouble, and she knows it! I'm checking her backpack on Monday for cigarettes just in case ;-P

It was such a fun party and we could tell all the kids had a blast, but it's bittersweet to celebrate the year ending since some of the kids won't be back next year. We'll just have to keep doing this over again!


Jocie Z ROCK said...

the girl is TROUBLE.. i am also checking her bags for lipsticks and glitterly eyeshadow and other silliness, i am so scared for my future... uh.. i am SERIOUS!!
love your blog Carl!

Karen in Progress said...

What a great idea! You are such great parents. I am a preschool teacher, and I just love reading about superb ideas like this.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! I'm glad you guys had fun:)) I have one only question- Why I wasn't invited ????LOL-jk:)) Thank you for a wonderful gift!!!!it is THE BEST !!!!! Kasia

Anonymous said...

How fun ....joejoe has become the social butterfly...and with Carl doing the catering it's always a at joejoe's house...luv and hugs MiMi