Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool Party

With the heat wave going on in DC recently we were lucky to be able to spend the day on Sunday at Jack and Will's new swim club in Alexandria.

Checking out the new surroundings was interesting for a while, but Uncle Matt was the main source of entertainment. He tirelessly took each of the boys on rides around the pool and swam with them for hours while Aunt Missy took lots of pictures....

......or tried to! But every picture of my godson is just adorable!

Matt came up with a new game, "1-2-3-PLUNGE!" The rules were a little lax.

Thanks to our hosts for a fun day! If the heat keeps up like this (it was 103 today!!) we'll be back for more.........even if it takes longer to get there than the time we spend there ;)

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Hollie Reese said...

That looks nice! We look for any pool around here we can jump into!!