Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hershey Park

We heard there was a lot for a toddler to do in Hershey, PA so we seized the opportunity to take a long weekend trip when Brent signed up for an educational conference in the area. We drove straight there on Thursday, checked in and had a quick lunch, and headed straight for Hershey Park.

All the rides are based on height, and I could have told you before we even left there was no way we had a "Hershey's Miniature" on our hands.

I think Peanut Butter Cups may have to be one of our new treats, even though I'm partial to Twizzlers myself.

Much like Dutch Wonderland and Sesame Place, there's a plethora of toddler rides that pretty much just go round and round. Joseph loved every last one of them and got to ride them as many times as he wanted with little to no wait - the perk of going on a weekday.

Joe Joe even braved his 1st rollercoaster, the "Trailblazer!" He looked like he wasn't so sure during the 1 minute and 15 second ride, but the moment it stopped he said, "Let's do it again!!!" So we did.

There's also a giant water park area called "The Boardwalk" where Joseph played for hours on our 2nd day there. I lost track of how many times he came down a water slide and ran right around to go down again. He even tried copying the older kids going down sideways and backwards.

Part of the fun in theme parks is finding the goofy characters and getting pictures with them. Those poor souls who have to do that for a living!

From the top of ferris wheel you could see directly across the road to where we were staying at the glorious Hotel Hershey.

Will have to tell you more about that next!


Hollie Reese said...

How fun!!

Anonymous said...

The tongue! At the slide! Cute!

Anonymous said...
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