Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royal Icing 101

I've had a few different cookie decorating projects going on around here lately, and I've recruited some willing participants to help along the way. Joseph was happy to tint (and taste) a batch of royal icing before trying his hand at piping for the 1st time.

He studied my example and went right at it. He had a field day and got an A for enthusiasm, but his technique could use a bit more guidance and practice.

Mallory offered up her assistance when it came to prepping for Elisabeth & Larry's baby shower last week. She forgot to mention she had never held a piping bag when she volunteered to help me decorate 7 or so dozen cookies to use as favors, but turns out she has a steady hand as is a natural at both piping and flooding.

I seriously love how the onesies turned out. Just can't decide which is my favorite!

In retrospect what I really needed was help individually bagging and tying ribbon onto all those cookies. T.e.d.i.o.u.s.! Hopefully I have some converts who will love decorating cookies as much as I do!


The Houston's said...

WOW!! You really are incredible!!

Suz said...

I'd love your cookie and frosting recipes....they came out great!

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