Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paper Boy

Although things have improved slightly over time, Joe Joe is generally still an early riser. We make the best of it, and on the weekends we have a little routine: once he wakes up 1 of us will go snuggle or read books with him in bed until he asks to go play downstairs. Then he helps grind the coffee beans and turn the alarm system off. After we open the front door he asks if he can get the paper for us. He goes and gets his fireman boots from the closet and puts them on, then trots down the front walk (rats nest hair and all) and retrieves the papers while we watch from the doorway. He even knows we get 2 papers on the weekends and is sure to find them both. He carries them inside, dumps them out on the floor, and even recycles the plastic baggies.

Bu then he harasses us to play with him and doesn't actually let us read the paper until we're both up and can tag-team him.

Future career? Maybe. Worth getting up for? Absolutely.

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