Friday, May 13, 2011

Make your own bed

People often tell us that they think our house is adorable and has a lot of curb appeal. Is it the cottage style? The weathered brick?

Whatever it may be, Brent has had it in for the front flower beds practically from day 1. Plus the laurel bushes had taken a few hits from all our snowstorms and they also seemed to be suffering from some kind of fungus scale.

Recently there were consultations with landscape designers and frequent trips to the local nursery. Finally one day Brent declared it was time to dig in and he was just going to redo the beds himself.

And he meant business. I barely had time to get a before picture!

It was a lot of work spaced out over a few weekends, even with "help" from Joseph.

But it was well worth the effort! The man's got a green thumb and an eye for garden design.


Honey said...

Wow! The beds look great. Love your house too. I enjoy keeping up with ya'll through the blog. Thanks Carl for doing such a great job!

Anonymous said...

Looking good Brent...can't wait to see everything especially the alton boys in July..seems like so far away...luv and hugs.MiMi

Amanda said...

Your house is very pretty - a dream house, you seem like a lovely family!