Thursday, May 26, 2011

Africa Hot

I'd don't remember much about the movie "Biloxi Blues" other than Matthew Broderick's character saying "Boy it's hot. Like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot." I think of that quote often on days like today (and yesterday) when out of nowhere it shoots up into the 90's and it is just too. freaking. HOT! After Joseph rode all the way to the park, and around, and back again on his bike (by request), I made an impulse purchase at a local toy store:

Joseph called it a "fireman snake" sprinkler. Melissa&Doug call it a "Sunny Patch Grub Sprout" sprinkler. I call it "the best 20 bucks I spent this week." Pure giggles!

And squeals, when Ethan and Benjamin came over. They ran around and around and around and around.

Like I said, money well spent. The water parks need to open SOON!

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Hollie Reese said...

Can I come run in it because it is HOT here in Texas!!