Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zoo Day

With the temperature blissfully near the 70's and the cleaning crew at the house all day, it made perfect sense to spend the day outdoors at our beloved National Zoo. We convinced Mis & the boys to trek in from Virginia for our 2nd destination playdate in a row, and how wonderful it was!

Jack sliding off the gorilla sculpture knocking Joseph to the ground scraping his leg but breaking his fall with Will who subsequently face-planted into the dirt causing an all around tear fest shortly after our arrival did not mar the day in any way. The real gorillas just a few feet away were especially active and entertaining today, including that sweet little baby we've watched grow over the past year or so.

Armed with my zoom today (have I mentioned my favorite Christmas gift from my darling partner who was told he better not get me anything at all if he doesn't get me that lens...) I got great shots of the little sweetie along with some of our other big attractions.

Elephants on our new Asia Trail,

One of our famous pandas,

and our new litter of 7 lion cubs.

It was just the perfect day to enjoy a relaxing picnic on the lawn, where the boys traded lunches, giving us a glimpse into their school age years.

We ended the day with a quick frolic through the prairie dog habitat - which I think the boys enjoyed more than anything else.

Had the day been a bust, however, it would have been worth it just to get this picture I took only minutes after our arrival:

I can (and want) to see this picture in so many different ways in the future - with caps and gowns on as they graduate high school and college, with tuxes as they get married and are each other's best men, maybe even as running mates for political office! And to say they can remember each other from way back when when they spent a day together at the zoo.....

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CWashburn said...

Hey, my boyfriend showed me your blog, & I just wanted to say that it's really nice to see such a great, healthy family.
Also, great photography, especially some of those zoo shots.