Monday, April 4, 2011

Peak Bloom

Those are some serious words around DC, referring to the extremely narrow and relatively unpredictable optimal viewing window when our beloved Yoshino cherry trees around the Tidal Basin are the most breathtaking. You have to be ready to drop everything, grab your camera, and GO!

For a change of pace this year we opted to explore the Kenwood neighborhood not too far from our house that's also known for its cherry trees. Much easier than handling the traffic and crowds downtown (even worse, with kids). We turned it into a playdate with Joseph's classmates Ethan and Aneesh. They had so much fun just running around like maniacs!

Kenwood most certainly did not disappoint! It seemed like every street for miles was thickly lined with Yoshinos, far denser than you see downtown. It was gorgeous, but I did miss the more impressive backdrop of the monuments this year.

We love these trees so much that we planted one in our backyard. Here's one of our very own peak blooms:

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