Sunday, April 17, 2011

Modern Family

Oops, one last unblogged photo from our Mardi Gras trip of us with the Louisiana branch of our family tree. This picture just so happened to be taken by Sid Espinoza, the mayor of Palo Alto, CA. (I kid you not. Google it!)

On the topic of family, just for giggles I'll occasionally ask Joseph if he wants a little brother or sister. (Not that one is in the works, and it's not like I can just have one any old time I want one. But you know, I wouldn't mind....) His response is always the same: "No, but I will like a puppy dog. That would be so cute and I will love him." I don't think I'd get the same response if I asked the cats.


Jocie Z ROCK said...

Love love love

Holly S said...

The mayor of Palo Alto was also an awesome 'official photographer'. Evidently my niece also told her parents she'd prefer a puppy to a brother or sister, unfortunately for her it didn't work out that way ;-). Welcome to FB!