Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Egg Hunting

We were lucky that the Estabrooks' 2nd annual Easter egg hunt was scheduled this year during our regular Thursday playdate with them or we would have missed out on some serious fun. Missy is always the most gracious and generous host and certainly did not disappoint with this event. Who else would invite over 40 kids and stuff and hide five hundred eggs for them to gather?

The kids were amazingly patient as they waited for Missy to ceremoniously cut the ribbon and let the hunting begin.

And they're off!

Study the picture above before watching the video below. Luke R. on the far left goes down hard and fast, taking Jack and a few other kids with him. Joseph, in the back on the far right, is quick on his feet and amazingly weaves his way unscathed through the insanity and goes long to start collecting eggs on his own undisturbed by the masses. Way to go, son!

Hard work at times, but the reward is sweet!

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missy said...

you are too kind as usual! love you guys. :) xo