Saturday, April 2, 2011

Go Fish!

I stole that title from Missy's blog, since it was her idea to bring the boys to the aquarium downtown for a playdate on Thursday. Having shifted our attention to the bigger one in Baltimore, the last time we hit this aquarium was actually 2 years ago. (Seriously, please check out the link if only to see Joe Joe's hair!) Good news is that our membership covers both facilities, and this one is Metro accessible, which only sweetens the deal for Joseph.

Jack & Joseph repeatedly went back to check out the alligators in the giant tank near the entrance, and sweet Will was trying to get his hands on anything and everything in sight.

While each keeping 1 eye out for the boys, Missy and I tried out our photography skills on our favorite subjects. I was "Mr. No Flash" the entire time and the only picture to really suffer is the cute little (poisonous) tree frogs that were only the size of a finger nail. Should have brought my zoom lens.

Click to check out Missy's post too!

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