Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Belated Birthdays

We've had at least one birthday party every weekend lately, and there's 1 coming up this weekend too!

First was Benjamin's superhero turned dinosaur 4th birthday. Benjamin from preschool not to be confused with Benjamin our neighbor, that is.

Benjamin's party featured a performance by The Great Zucchini, a guy who apparently never grew up and specializes in magic tricks and potty humor - perfect for his target audience. Joseph calls him "The Great Bikini" but also "The Scary Man" or "The Bad Guy." We saw him at another party 2 whole years ago and Joe Joe could barely be in the same room as him. When I told him we were going he said he didn't want to, but I just couldn't believe he could possibly have remembered him.

Oh, but he did.

He started crying as soon as The Great Zucchini opened his mouth, and he sat on my lap almost the entire show with my hands over his ears repeating "I don't ever want to come to Benjamin's house again!" You can see this is true in the picture Jocelyn snanped from across the room. With all the other kids having a hoot.

He did at least join in when they played hide and seek, and he enjoyed the rest of the dino party. And he holds nothing against Benjamin - he still plays with him at school and says they are good friends. We just haven't try to stop over by his house yet.

From The Great Bikini we went to Bikini Bottom, where Ania (also from preschool) had a Sponge Bob Squarepants party at the local MyGym.

Never met a kid who didn't like a ball pit. The kids also loved the "rocket ship" suspended from the ceiling.

This is not a particularly interesting video, but don't you think it would be fun riding a zip line into a ball pit?

Yeah, me too!

I only went after following Jocelyn's lead. Unfortunately I didn't quite make it into the pit and slammed my toe against the side of it. Not broken as far as I can tell, but still sore 2 weeks later.

Last weekend was Nick and Alex's 5th birthday. Joe Joe could easily pass for 5 in this picture (and I could eat him up he's so cute in a V-neck and button-down!).

Oh, the interesting segue here? It was Nick and Alex's 3rd birthday party that apparently traumatized Joseph for life with The Great Zucchini. This year they had The Fun Bus come to their house.

If you ask Joseph, It. Was. Fun.

Again, maybe not the most fascinating video, but I just love that they were blaring some Miley Cyrus in these poor little toddlers' ears. Start 'em young, I guess.

What else makes a Fun Bus party fun? A giant ice cream cake and a balloon artist that can make a Spiderman who is actually slinging a web!

For our sanities' sakes there was luckily an adult party in the midst of all these kiddie jamborees. Meredith (next to Brent on the left) has caught up with me in age, though she is quick to point out I will always be a month older.

We had a private room at Carmine's Italian restaurant and both the food and the company were fantastic. I had such a good time with everyone and it made me realize that we really don't get to see our friends enough. So I went and did something crazy about it and.................drumroll please.............joined facebook to keep up with the gang.

Maybe it was the Miley Cyrus blaring in my ears that clouded my judgement. It's probably safe to say that - not like she'll be "friending me" anytime soon.

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