Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rough landing

This should have tipped me off. Friday had not been an unusually busy day, but Joseph just crashed at the supermarket and fell asleep on my shoulder. He actually transferred both into and out of the car seat for the quick ride home, a feat that has never been accomplished in his lifetime. Everything else seemed fine all night and this morning, right until the bags were checked and we were on the plane to head to Louisiana.

And then he just burst into flames. The thermometer and the Ibuprofen were inaccessible so we just had to make it through the flight with a fever. This was one of the worst flights we have ever been on, but not because of Joseph. He slept almost the entire 3 hour flight, right through the nauseating rollercoaster turbulence as well as the ensuing cheers and applause when we landed safely. We're off to a rough start, so it'll be interesting to see how the rest of this trip goes...

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