Friday, March 4, 2011

Count on me

Joseph has a variable interest in puzzles, but he really loves this one that his teacher, Miss Kasia, gave him for Christmas. It's all numbers, colors, and patterns, and he's gotten pretty good at finishing it quickly. Upon completion the other day he got up and systematically got all his trains that had numbers on their tenders and matched them to the puzzle. Nice.

Now that last little guy with the big claw on top of him doesn't actually have a number on him. But his name is Diesel 10. And my little genius went and placed him on the number 10. Really nice. Fascinating to see the progression from just matching visually to processing the words and images and understanding their meanings. I love preschool!

9 is the number he was wearing during this activity. But the most important number right now? One. ONE more day til we leave for Mardi Gras!!!


Jocie Z ROCK said...

wow even though i see Joseph so much, this pic of him in the jersey makes him look so old!- elementary school that is!!! fabulous!!!! your blog is the best!

trashmaster46 said...

Preschool age is awesome!