Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Technically we went to Louisiana to see our family and celebrate Mardi Gras, but it just so happened to coincide with a dear friend's big ole birthday - Angie's 40th.

The big ole present was that a huge group of us contributed to get Angie a ride and extra throws in the Tucks krewe. (I understand that means absolutely nothing to the vast majority of people. I was there once too.) We missed her actual ride in the parade (luckily, as it downpoured - the reason for our rough landing), but we were thrilled to be able to attend the big ole brunch thrown in her honor the next day. We all squeezed into Glenn's truck and headed to New Orleans for the day.

The birthday girl!

Brent and his best friend from med school Leonel, who introduced him to Angie.

The birthday trifecta: me (3/7), Leonel (3/2) and Angie (3/9). Brent's bday is also in March, but much later (3/23). Hard to tell, but we all have "Happy Birthday" Mardi Gras beads!

A great (partial) group photo near the end of the party with everybody screaming,

before we headed out to our 1st parade. The previous night's celebration was cancelled due to the storms.

Bacchus is a pretty big deal-io (or so I'm told). Can you tell who the King of Bacchus is? I was once told we were twins, but man, I hope I've aged a little better.

Yes, it's Andy Garcia, and he threw this particular dubloon at me and hit me in the camera lens! I probably look more like his image on the coin than he does ;)

Parades are all about catching "throws." You know, "Throw me something, Mister!!" Serious props to Holly and her extended family for letting us join them in the area they had staked out right on the street. Andy would otherwise never have been able to hit me!

Talk about throws! But this was all stuff that Mimi & Poppy had caught before we even got into town. There was so much more to come!


Holly S said...

Glad you all were able to come over for the parade! Although, more props go to my sister-in-law's brother as the early morning claim-staker ;-). As they said, had y'all not come, there would likely have been interlopers trying to snag the space, so we much preferred having friends there (and as a fellow parent, I was glad the space was there for the kiddies!) Hope you had a better flight on the return trip. Now you all need to come down to Austin for a visit!

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun with all of you...Holly ,thank you and your whoever it was family member... for the great place to hang out for Bacchus....the brunch was was so good to see everyone..Angie you go girl...thanks for sharing your time down south with us...Hugs to all...olga