Thursday, February 24, 2011

French. Fried.

Grammy & Grandpa came down for a fun weekend visit and we were able to get together with my mom's cousin Jo who lives nearby. She arranged for brunch at a country French restaurant in Potomac. When being served one of their famous popovers I was shocked to look up and recognize the 11 year old bread boy as one of my patients. His 8 year old little brother served up some great blueberry pancakes too. Turns out his parents own the joint and have no concerns about child labor laws. Hmmm, I wonder how old Joseph needs to be to do some filing at my office...

We had a full and active weekend and Joseph was spent by mid afternoon. He crashed on Jo's couch with the bulldozer she sweetly bought him but woke up ready to tear into the cheesecake and cookies she made.

Joseph didn't get any of the Prosecco, but he's sure to get more of these cookies. They were fantastic!

Thanks to the grandparents for making the drive (again) and to Jo for her company, thoughtfulness, and recipe!

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