Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Avoid the 'Noid

I have been saving that post title for yeeeeeeeeeeears. It has nothing to do with that little Domino's Pizza advertising character, but the pesky adenoids that have been blocking Joseph's nose since he was an infant. We have always known they needed to come out - he can barely get air through his nostrils and he's been a long term drooler since his mouth is always open to breathe - but we just kept putting it off because, well, no one wants their kid to have surgery, do they?

Today the day we knew would arrive....arrived. No need to change him out of his jammies. Just dragged him out of bed and right into the car at 6:30am.

Notice the sign on the building? Curious that 2 docs who did their residencies at Georgetown used an ENT who operates out of a Children's Hospital facility.

I guess we prepped him well. He wasn't scared of anyone or anything. He got a kick out of the gown and slippers and poofy hat too. He laid down on the table, closed his eyes, let them put the mask on, and then they did their business while we silently stressed out in the waiting area. Half an hour later he was in recovery, and 20 minutes later he was choosing a red popsicle and chugging apple juice while B texted the good news to the family.

They said he'd have little to no pain and recover quite quickly. But seriously?!:


Jocie Z ROCK said...

OMG, so glad he is recuperating so well!! yay JoJO!! way to go,,you did a great job preparing him, he looks so at home!!!

jen said...

So glad i stumbled upon this blog, your son is adorable. Glad he did so well with his procedure. He is one little ball of energy!!

My grandson had the same thing- . His breathing when he was sleeping was so bad...

When he'd sleep here, my husband and i would joke if he would climb into bed with us,"is that Adam or Darth Vader"?

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon your blog. You have a beautiful family and I enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I'm glad his surgery went well.