Friday, January 28, 2011


Oh, if only winter weather could be all about having fun in the snow!

But alas winter storms in our nation's capitol tend to wreak havoc. Last year's "Snowmageddon" gave way to this year's "Thundersnow." It was indeed lovely and amazing to watch the lightening flash and hear the thunder crash while snowflakes gently fell in the early evening, but the mere 6 or so inches that accumulated caused more damage and drama than you can imagine. It was the heaviest, slipperiest, slushiest snow ever. 8 hour commutes home! Abandoned cars left and right! 400,000 without power! And throughout our entire neighborhood, trees down everywhere.

Including our front walk. And the place I always park my car. What kind of forces intervened to have me park further down the block this one time?

Maybe doesn't look like much until you put it in perspective.

Here's the branch that would have knocked out the power lines to our house had it not gotten wedged in the fork of the tree. The far left side of the limb is resting on the actual lines, which could snap at any given moment. Then there'll really be some drama. Hurry Pepco!!

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Emily said...

Not sure where you are from, but I am from Texas. We called the snow storm the "Snowpocalypse". :D