Friday, January 14, 2011

I'll tumble for you

On Thursday we tried out the Jr. Tumblers program at a new My Gym in our area to see how it compared to gymnastics at Kidville. This program was much harder core true gymnastics. They started with a lot of stretching, which was hysterical to see a bunch of 3 year olds doing.

They tried to teach Joe Joe a forward roll (apparently you are not allowed to call it a somersault).

Man, these people would have their work cut out for them. He was "much better" the 2nd time. I'm not so sure about that. But bless him (and them) for trying.

And then a backward roll.

On the up side, they have a ball pit!

Despite looking like torture for a 3 year old who seemingly can't follow directions, Joseph actually had a great time and asked if we could come back after we went home for a snack. Now I need to decide which class to enroll him in......


MJ's doghouse said...

i love your blog....the summersaults had me laughing...i cant imagine if i ever had the patience that those instructors must

mimi said... is so cute...he's pretty good too...luv and hugs MiMi