Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gym Dandy

New year. No nap.

It's OK, we've been bracing ourselves for the inevitable for some time now and actually decided to drop the nap on purpose starting Jan 1st. Well, Jan 2nd. Wait, I think it was actually Jan 3rd or 4th when we bit the bullet. But that leaves us with a LOT of time to kill now, so we're exploring some options to fill these cold winter days.

I've always thought Joseph would enjoy (and benefit from) an actual gymnastics class, but the ones I found were always during his nap time. Problem solved. There were 2 options, so yesterday we tried the one at Kidville.

They have a very cool trampoline that I would love to try when no one's looking.

Most of this one is kinda boring but I'm posting it because I was impressed with his form on the parallel bars in the beginning. (In case you're wondering I recorded it from outside in the waiting area which is why all you hear are the Spanish speaking nannies in the background)

They did the trapeze too and taught them how to dismount. The kids called it a discount. Love his little "TA DA!" at the end.

Checked out a different gym today. Very different, actually. Will show you that next...

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