Sunday, January 9, 2011

Curious about George

Just a few days ago a package arrived for Joseph containing an adorable stuffed Curious George. It had absolutely no card or indication of who sent it other than the address of the website Aside from being astounded that anyone would think it's a good idea to name their website anything that uses the words "baby poo," we're left to wonder who this lovely, thoughtful, generous person is. Joseph was so excited to receive George, and he promptly took a place in his bed with only the select few lovies he allows. Please take credit and let Joseph know who to thank. Please!


The Houston's said...

I didn't send it, but am dying to know who did!! Come on, Someone. Fess up!!

deb said...

Hi Carl,
We're the guilty ones!! I am sorry that the package arrived so was ordered via Amazon with a Curious George book and CD set as a Christmas present for Joseph I'm "curious" to know if the books arrived.

Uncle Peter and I are happy to see that Joseph likes his stuffed toy. Sorry about the confusion...Amazon was supposed to have included a gift card.

Glad that the "Curious George" mystery has been solved :) Happy New Year to you, Brent and Joseph!!