Thursday, December 16, 2010

What goes up must come down

Going to the nursery and picking out our Christmas tree is one of our favorites parts of the season!

I always get to haul it inside, but this year I had a little helper.

And we even let our little helper decorate the tree with us. He hung the 1st ornament - Thomas the Tank Engine, of course.

It looked so pretty that night.

And then it fell over the next morning!

It's never good to see your nanny's # pop up on caller ID when you're at work. I figured Joe Joe spiked a fever since he's had a cold. But no, she tells me that when she came back from dropping him off at preschool, the tree was on the ground and the water and ornaments were everywhere.

I blame that rascally cat Simon. Brent thinks we didn't put it in the stand evenly and then made it top heavy with ornaments. Tell that to poor Horton, who lost a leg (but probably protected those little Whos with his life).

Amazingly I had decided the night before to forego hanging up my Grandmother's precious ornaments this year after watching Joseph intentionally pitch a random ornament across the room and shatter it into 1000 pieces. But this was the worst casualty.

My beloved *NSYNC ornament!

Brent tries to hide it on me every year or convince me there's no room for it on the tree. He couldn't be happier than it's gone, but he doesn't feel my pain. Why else do you think our son's initials are "JT?" Justin Timberlake, the bomb-diggity. Christmas will never be the same.

(Now by the way, how crazy is it that Hollie's tree fared even worse?!)


Missy said...

oh no! our beloved ornament gone just like the boy band itself...oh well, i'm sure you still have the white board i gave you along with it somewhere to ease your pain. ;)

The Houston's said...

I am laughing so hard. That is so awesome that you had an NSync ornament. I would mourn the loss of it as well!!

Hollie Reese said...

NOT THE NSync will you ever move on??

Man, tough year for the trees!

anna said...
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