Friday, December 17, 2010

Tingle Bells

When we went to visit Santa last weekend there was this random guy (drummer boy? toy soldier?) making balloon animals and such for the good little boys and girls. On stilts, no less! Everyone was watching this guy in amazement.

He asked what Joseph wanted, and we got: Spiderman

OK, so he knows how to make a person out of balloons. Cool. But the odds he would have one with a Spiderman face on it for the head?! Guess he knows his audience well.

The backstory: Joseph and his preschool friend Zara were flipping through a catalogue that had Halloween costumes in it back in September, and he became entranced with Spidey. He has no idea who he is or what he does, but he thinks he's the coolest thing in the world. I'm amazed how often he finds a picture of Spiderman that I would have never noticed. Tonight at dinner he showed me his hand in the web slinging position and said "See? Like Spiderman!" When did he learn that and who taught him? Santa knows of this obsession and may be bringing something special.

Nothing screams Christmas like Spiderman, does it?. Oooh, my Spidey sense is tingling!

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