Friday, December 31, 2010

Think Pink

A special friend was having a special birthday just yesterday, and it certainly required that something special be done to celebrate it. And so under the guise of coming over for one of our regular old Thursday playdates, I surprised Missy with a ladies' lunch to ring in her 40th birthday. The portable party was left stored in the car until I could spring the news on her. Mis had been so utterly convinced along the way that it was going to be the most anticlimactic birthday ever that she continued to doubt what I was telling her until I was physically dragging the leaves to the table up from the basement and hauling bags of stuff into the house.

It can't be a good party without good food and good friends! When storming someone's house unannounced with a party in tow it's usually best to try not to overwhelm them, so I only invited a few of her closest friends from her mommy group and Jack's preschool. I wish everyone we know could have come to fete my fabulous friend!

Everything was pink (with a little touch of green) - the banner, plates, cups, napkins, cookies, frosting, candies.....You know it's the right way to go when someone has a pink dining room. And Missy was already wearing the pink shirt when I got there. Perfect!

And where was Joseph in all this? Just like at every party - watching Cars and eating cakepops (which, by the way, I think are my favorite batch yet). Mimi came along and was so so sweet to help watch all the kiddies during the party.

When almost everyone was gone I got to give Missy her present (which was a brilliant suggestion from her husband. Can't believe I didn't think of it 1st):

The 2 of us have seen Britney in concert as well as *NSYNC, and now NKOTBSB! (Do I really have to explain it's the joint New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert?) This was just the best idea for those of us in our 40's (that includes you now, hon!) who still act and feel like we're in our teens.

Thanks to Renee for making those awesome tickets (sorry I didn't get a picture with you) and to all the lovely ladies that helped make this a wonderful memory for our dear friend!

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