Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seeing Santa

As excited as he is for Christmas and as much as he talks about Santa, I was pretty surprised when Joseph said no way when it came time to see the big guy at the mall. As luck would have it there was no one else waiting, so we took our time in trying to warm him up and inch him closer, all to no avail. I pulled out the big guns and secretly tried to slip Santa a lollipop to bribe JT, but this sweet St. Nick said "Hold onto that, let me see if I can do it without first." And you know, he was so nice and patient that he finally got him to come over. JT asked him for a car and some Play-doh (already done!!).

We were on our way out when we noticed that lying next to Santa's chair was the exact same copy of "The Night Before Christmas" that we've already read 100 times. JT almost knows it by heart - we read the 1st few words on the page and he does the rest. These people were so nice that when they heard us talking to Joseph about the book that they asked us to come back and let Santa read the book to him himself!

JT will just about let anyone in the world sit and read to him, but this is such a special thing he'll remember forever!


MJ's doghouse said...

oh my gosh..i was just surfing and came across your I read it is by far the nicest santa picture i have ever seen...and my kids are 32 and 27 so i have seen were lucky to have such an awesome experiecne

Hollie Reese said...

What a nice Santa!!

Missy said...

love love LOVE that picture of my godson in santa's lap being read to...what a dream come true for our joe joe!! :)

anna said...
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