Sunday, December 19, 2010

PC Party

Last week was Joseph's "Winter party" at preschool. So politically correct, they don't even call it a "holiday" party, let alone Christmas. The teachers taught them quite a variety of songs to perform for us.

Has anyone ever heard the latke song before? Put it in a pan with fat, fat, fat? OY! That was a new one for me.

I don't think one kid ate much of anything. Too excited about the party!

As a room parent I had a big part in planning things, especially gifts. All the parents were so generous that we decided to actually get the class itself a present too, one they could all enjoy now but would be a gift to all the future Bear classes too. It was just a few sets of wooden play food for the kitchen, but the kids swarmed the teacher when it was time to open them! You can't even tell there were presents in the middle.

We also planned an activity - decorating a gingerbread house and train.

The class aides and music teacher got trays of pumpkin bread and banana bread along with a gift card. I came across these reasonably priced porcelain cake stands (Martha Stewart, naturally...I just might own a set of 3 different sizes...) and thought it would be cute to stack tins on them filled with goodies (and a gift card) so they looked like cakes. I love how they turned out!

You know I have to bake if there's a party, so in addition to the addictive chewy ginger molasses cookies that are a must this time of year, I also tried out chocolate peppermint cupcakes. People seemed to like them, but 1 kid said they were "hot." I guess not everyone likes mint.

And since I was making cake pops for another occasion (yes, cake pops - cake balls on a stick!) I set aside one for each classmate and put a sticker on with a holiday greeting from Joe Joe.

Oops! Guess that should have been "winter" greeting. So un-PC of me.

A special thanks Jocelyn and Lisa for all your help with the party!!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

okay you are killing me with your "OY! put it in the FAT FAT FAT.."line... i had to listen to the video to see if those were actually the words.. classic! and oh, never heard the latke song before!
oh and oh! those cupcakes and baskets came out so beautifully!