Monday, December 27, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

Looking like an angel ready to go to the children's mass on Christmas Eve.
But there's just a touch of inner Grinch.

Joe Joe was really good during mass, but from time to time we'd point out things to hold his attention for a while. He looked at the crucifix and all the stained glass windows. Randomly, 10 minutes later, not in a whisper, "What's wrong with Jesus?" "Nothing, honey, he's fine." Can you explain crucifixion to a 3 year old? Should you? Randomly, 10 minutes later, not in a whisper, "Why Jesus got a boo-boo on his knee?" "Well, he fell while carrying the cross, but he'll be fine." Religion and toddlers don't mix.

Later at home we got things ready for Santa's visit by putting out milk and cookies (and apple slices for the reindeer) and hanging the stockings by the chimney without care. We made sure to point out we would make sure the fire was out before we went to bed so Santa wouldn't get hurt when he came down the chimney.

We had let him open one present from us to entertain him while we ate dinner, which was....

...Buzz Lightyear! Remote controlled, lights, sounds, speaks in Spanish, dances, frightens cats, gives parents headaches, etc.

It was surely the year for character-related gifts. Santa brought a radio controlled Lightening McQueen (fresh batteries already dead 2 days later) and a Spiderman hopper ball.

The big gift from us (errr, Santa) was a parking garage with ramps and a working elevator and a roadway system to go with it, complete with giant cat.

After Joseph went to bed Brent and I opened our gifts to each other, enjoyed the fire, and hung out with our other boys.

Absolutely dreamy to spend Christmas at home this year.

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